Heritage proves to be, throughout history, a document of Land Ownership. It depicts an expressive, honest, and precise picture of the society.
It is said that “Every nation almost portrays its heritage with the color of its soil, emphasizing the environmental features of each country and the impact of these features upon the folkloric art.”

Palestinian traditional costumes are only one aspect of our national heritage in which we have pride. For these costumes are one of the most important features of the Palestinian society. The Palestinian dress which is embroidered, assembled, and worn by the Palestinian woman is considered to be a document, identity, and a manuscript. Its woven fabrics, motifs and colors tell the story of each village or city it belongs to. Each dress, also, shows the history and myths associated with the land, nature and beliefs.

The continuity of maintaining these decorative motifs through thousands of years reflects a historical identity and an originality which have extended since the times of our Canaanites ancestors to include all our land and homeland Palestine.


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